Profit Plan: Positioning

Welcome to the fourth week of this month’s series “Profit Plan” where I am taking you through my step by step process for generating a profit in business!

Now that you have your offer, goals and pricing strategy I want to dive into how to position your offer to sell and generate a profit.

I see entrepreneurs make a lot of mistakes when it comes to selling and I want to make sure that you don’t make them!

Before I outline exactly how you should position your offer there is one thing I want to say:


This is something I want to make sure you get and understand above anything else. I want you to commit to sharing your offer over and over again. If you want to sell consistently, you have to sell consistently. If you’re not sure how often to share your offer I recommend a minimum of once per week. Start there if you aren’t doing that already.

Now, let’s dive in to exactly how you should position your offer every single time you sell it…


The Result

The very first thing you want to start with is the result of what you are going to deliver. This is the part that most entrepreneurs miss when promoting their offer, however THIS is what people are going to pay you for.

The Pain Points

In order to capture your audience and show them that you get them you want to outline the pain points they are currently experiencing. Think about where your ideal client is BEFORE they work with you. What are they struggling with? What problems are they facing? Show them you know what those are here.

The Story/Validation

Now to really help them see that you get them, we want you to go ahead and share your story here. Share how you experienced this to or why you felt called/led to help people with this problem.

The Expert

This next piece is really important. We want people to see you as the expert so this is where you continue your story but now share how you solved the problem, got out of it, etc. so that others see you as the person who can help them get out of it too.

The Solution

Now comes your offer. This is where you get to introduce your offer and tell them why this is the thing that is going to help them solve their problem. Really sell them on it!

The Evidence

You want to show them that this wasn’t only possible for you but that it’s been possible for others too! Share testimonials here to really highlight evidence that it’s possible for everyone to do this.

The Invitation

Now you want to go ahead and invite them to take action by giving them a clear call to action. Position this with a question that gets them to say “yes”, share the price and invite them into the offer.


Let me share an example of what this would look like as a written post, here is one for my strategy session:

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The more you talk about your offer, the better you are going to get at it. This is one of the reasons why I encourage you to talk about it week after week. You’ll not only improve your sales pitch but you’ll also increase your sales.