Are you ready to finally build the business you’ve been dreaming of?



Have you ever found yourself daydreaming in the middle of your 9-5 about having freedom and financial growth by starting your own business?

Perhaps you used to have a career and now you’re a stay at home mom who craves running a business of her own.

You’re a go-getter, driven and ambitious woman and when you think about the business you want to start you can’t help but light up on the inside.

The problem is that when you think about building your business it feels overwhelming.

You think it’s going to take a lot of time and work to really get things going and it’s keeping you paralyzed from taking action.

Here’s what I know to be true: starting your business does not have to be hard or take a long time.

I can give you the tools to grow your business, make a profit and get on the path to freedom much quicker than you think is possible.

If you are ready to…

  • Get clear and confident on how to grow your business so that you can finally quit your 9-5 and create a consistent source of income

  • Build a profitable business while also having the freedom and time to live a life you love

  • Scale by outsourcing, building a team and stepping into the role of CEO

  • Propel into the dreams you've been too afraid to pursue with someone who supports and guides you every step of the way

  • Commit 100% to doing whatever is necessary to making your dream business and life happen

…then I’ll guide you into growing your profitable business and dream life!


Through 1:1 coaching I partner with you to make your business dreams come true with a doable plan + actionable steps + accountability that will have you running your profitable business in no time!

If she did it, you can do it too!

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Client Profile: Felicia Kelly

Financial Management + Lifestyle Coach

Months 1-3:

  • Started growing her social media following and email list by implementing my 10 minute daily strategy

  • Started booking clients directly from social media

  • Revised her business model and pricing to fit her business and lifestyle goals

  • Went 2 weeks straight booking a call/making a sale

  • Hit her financial goals each month

Month 4:

  • Booked speaking engagements

  • Started getting 1k+ views on her live videos

  • Started booking high-paying clients

Month 5:

  • Sold out her group coaching program

  • Made more money in her business than she ever has

  • Had her first 4-figure day

  • Had her highest financial month ever

  • Quit her corporate job and became a full-time entrepreneur!

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“If I could give Natalia 100 stars, I would. I was very hesitant to hire her because I previously had a bad experience with a coach. However, Natalia not only proved that she was worth the money, but I saw results immediately! I have not only found clarity in my brand, offerings, and services, but my confidence in business as a whole is on a much higher lever. I have not gone a single day without making a sale or booking a call ever since I started working with her. I HIGHLY recommend you hire Natalia!”

-Felicia Kelly

My coaching style is a combination of mentorship, business + marketing consulting and support

I believe in giving you strategies that will get results.

I believe in going above and beyond so you get more than what you expected.

I believe in partnering with you and seeing you succeed in business + life.

My promise to you is that I will partner with you to ensure you see results and see your business succeed in a way that feels good to you!

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My 1:1 quarterly coaching program is customized to you to help you build a successful business that aligns with you and your dream life!

Together, we will work on:


I’ll help you create customized strategies that will help you scale your business in a way that aligns with your vision and produces results consistently.


We’ll focus on helping you build your confidence through routines and methods that position you as the CEO of your successful business and life.


We’ll outline your financial goals along with my signature methods that help you ensure you are profitable with every single sale you make.

Here’s what our time together will look like:

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  • We will kick things off with a 90 Minute Business Intensive where we will map out where you want to be by the end of the next quarter and exactly how we are going to help you get there! Think of this as your customized success map for the next 3 months!

  • Then, we’ll have an additional 45 minute coaching call this month to get started on the first month’s strategy and get you on your way to booking clients as soon as possible!

  • Plus, you’ll have unlimited coaching access to me via Slack so that you can reach out to any day/time to get some feedback, coaching, confidence boosts and support!

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  • We’ll kick off month 2 with two more 1:1 45 minute coaching calls so that we can set intentions, strategies and goals for that month and work through any blocks stopping your growth and success.

  • You’ll continue to have unlimited coaching access via Slack so that you can reach out to any day/time to get some feedback, coaching, confidence boosts and support!

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  • We’ll keep the momentum going with two more 1:1 45 minute coaching calls so that we can measure results, set new intentions, strategies and goals for that month and work through any blocks stopping your growth and success.

  • You’ll continue to have unlimited coaching access via Slack so that you can reach out to any day/time to get some feedback, coaching, confidence boosts and support!

Everything my 1:1 Business Coaching experience includes:

  • 3 months of 1:1 private coaching with me as your business coach, consultant, support and strategist

  • (1) 90 minute conversion intensive to map out a strategy that will help you convert clients + make more cash as soon as possible

  • (5) 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls (2 per month + 2 weeks for implementation) so you have strategy, action steps and accountability on how to move your business forward every single week!

  • Unlimited access to me via Slack during the week so you get all of your questions answered as you build your dream life and business

  • Unlimited check-ins, feedback, input + strategy from me on your entire business (I'll constantly be looking at your emails, website, blogs, social posts, etc.) so that your constantly improving your business and increasing results!

Bonus Materials:

  • "Plan + Prepare Workshop" 2 hour training with a 22 page workbook to create your 12 month business + life success blueprint - $997 Value

  • How to Craft the Perfect Landing Page Blueprint

  • Daily Mindset Practice Template

  • And more!

Real Clients with Real Results


Paola is an HR Professional had been wanting to branch out and start offering HR Coaching + Consulting, however, she was stuck on how to package her services and price them to help her start booking clients and become a full-time consultant. Within 3 days of implementing what she learned from our time together, she made $600 and booked a meeting to consult for a high-end client.


Esther runs a non-profit ministry for women and little girls and was struggling to sell her products. After our time together, Esther secured her first paid podcast sponsorship, sold over 200+ products and raised $2,000 for her non-profit! Now she has a process in place to continue making sales, raising money and booking podcasts sponsors in her business!


About me + my expertise

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Hey love! I'm Natalia and I'm ready to help you take your business and life to the next level!

Have you ever found yourself wondering how others do it? How they reach success in their business and live the life of their dreams?

I used to wonder the same. Then I quit my corporate job and started and sold my first business, built a second 6-figure business in 1 year and am now running my third profitable online business that is designed around my dream life! Mornings are slow, weekends and evenings are free, I work with my dream clients, and I live in the city that I love in an office with a view! I'm making my business and life dreams come true and now, I help other women do the same. When we work together, I'm combining my 8+ years of marketing experience in corporate, 4+ years in business and over $20k I have invested in experts, programs and coaches for my business into yours! 

I'm on a mission to share my knowledge, experience + expertise so you can succeed in your business and life!


Ready to attain your big sparkly dream?

Let's make it happen!


Investment for private 1:1 coaching:


$1,250/month for 3 months

or $3,600 paid in full

*I only accept women into this program who are ready to commit 100% to making their dream life and business happen.