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Lesson Notes

Welcome to course 2 where we will be diving into marketing. For lesson 1, we are going to be talking about your marketing strategy. Having a marketing strategy in place will help you save time and convert. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what to post or why your content isn’t getting any engagement it’s because you don’t have a solid strategy in place.

Let’s talk about the key pieces of an online marketing strategy:

Social Media

Content Channel

Email List

Together, these three elements create what my signature marketing formula which I like to call, The Digital Marketing Funnel. This funnel creates an easy path for you to attract, engage and convert your followers. 

Your strategy in the simplest of terms is made up of these three things:

How: How often are you going to post on a weekly basis?

When: What days/times are you going to post?

What: What type of content will you be sharing every single week?

As you consider these questions and start to build your strategy, there are a few key things I want you to know.

  1. More is not better.

I once had a client who told me she was posting on social media 3 times per day. When I asked her why she was doing it she said she didn’t know. The reality was that it wasn’t actually bringing in any clients for her and it was taking up all of her time. Meanwhile, I have clients who spend 10 minutes a day on social media and they book clients. It’s all about being strategic and really thinking about how often you can truly show up week after week.

Along these same lines, when it comes to being on social media platforms I personally recommend starting with 1-2 platforms. When you can show up consistently on the same platforms over and over again you nurture your leads and therefore increase your conversions. Instead of being everywhere I recommend really focusing on going deep on 1-2 platforms. 

Choose those two platforms based on where your ideal client is hanging out. If you don’t know, look at where your competitors are spending the majority of their time because chances are, they have already found them. The other thing you can consider is where you enjoy spending time as well. It will make it easier to show up if you enjoy it too.

2. Consistency is key.

I cannot stress this enough. The most important thing you can do is be consistent with your posting. This is where the strategy really comes into play. Along with this I recommend posting on the same days and times every single week. Why? Because the algorithms on the social media platforms along with your followers will get used to those patterns and your content will organically show up in front of more people. Again, consistency is key.

The next piece is going to be diving into your content. But before we do that in the next lesson, let’s create your marketing strategy. Answer the first 2 questions in your workbook to start 


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