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Lesson Notes

Welcome to course 3 where we will be diving into sales. For lesson 1, we are going to be talking about how to sell successfully. In order to sell successfully there are two things you are going to need:

A Sales Mindset

A Conversion Method

First, let’s talk about having a sales mindset. What you believe about sales is important because it determines how you will show up energetically to make the sale. If you are not confident about sales or if you believe that sales are bad then you are going to struggle to make sales.

Let’s begin with a simple exercise. I want you to think about selling, specifically about the idea of you selling something, and I want you to close your eyes and really notice how you feel, what you think and anything else that comes up for you. Take a moment and brain dump everything that is coming up in your workbook.

Now that we’ve put that down on paper, we are going to reframe your mindset around sales.

First and foremost, I want you to understand what sales are.

Sales are an invitation or an opportunity for people to work with you.

Sales are not pushy or rude or bad. It’s simply an invitation for someone to get what you have to offer. Really, it’s an invitation for you to help someone change their life or fix their problem.

When you don’t make the invitation you automatically decide that the answer is “no” and this will put you in the position of losing out on sales 100% of the time.

Instead, we want you to empower others by making the invitation and letting them decide for themselves.

I often like to use the example of going into a restaurant. If you walked into a restaurant and nobody offered you a menu you would probably think they are rude and walk out, right? In the same way, when someone chooses to follow your business they are expecting you to offer them the menu of what you sell so they can decide what they want. They are choosing to follow you knowing you are a business so it’s expected that you sell!

I want you to start to reframe your mindset around these new beliefs about selling and even incorporate them into your daily mindset routine. Write them down, journal about any fears that come up and say these new beliefs out loud believing them to be true for you!

Next, let’s talk about having a conversion method. A conversion method is simply the method through which you best convert people.

In other words, what is the best way for YOU to sell?

This is going to look different for everybody. Some people are great at selling on the phone, others in person, others on video, other’s through email.

Now, I don’t want you to pick the method that feels easier or that causes you to hide from selling. I want you to think about the way you best CONNECT with people. How can you best hear someone’s story and tell them about what you have to offer? Is it a conversation? Do you want to see their face?

Here’s the fun part, once you’ve decided what that conversion method looks like for you, I want you to start doing it right now. You have your offers and pricing ready, go ahead and start inviting people to get on the phone with you or to meet you for coffee. The only way you are going to learn to start selling successfully is if you start doing it and you keep doing it over and over and over again.


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