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Are you ready to fearlessly conquer your life and business dreams?

Are you tired of having a vision for your business and life but not knowing what to do to get there?

It's time to make a plan and confidently know what you need to do each and every single day to make that dream life and business come true!

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Maybe another year has gone by and you find yourself with the same vision you've had for a long time but nothing tangible to show for it.


Do you find yourself:

  • Having started a business but still living paycheck to paycheck?

  • Experiencing guilt around running your business and balancing home/life?

  • Being afraid to pursue your business fully because you are afraid to fail or don't know what to do?


It's time to:

  • Make yourself, your family AND your business a priority

  • Set financial goals that will provide you with freedom and sustainability

  • Design a life that revolves around your well being while focusing on your priorities


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Natalia explained the importance of setting goals for both personal and business life, and her goal-setting method was easy to understand and implement. Natalia is an expert at reverse-engineering, so it was incredibly helpful to start with my vision for 2018, and then use that vision to determine my goals for each quarter of the year as well as structure my weeks and days so that I actually achieve the goals that will make my vision a reality. After the workshop, I feel very prepared for 2018 because I have a real plan in place, and I know exactly what I need to do every quarter, every month, every week, and every day to achieve my goals.
— -Kleneice Chambers from Humble and Whole
I really enjoyed the workshop because it’s hard for me to organize my thoughts into a plan I can execute. I’ve tried before and I could not quite make it work. Walking through the plan step by step really helped me think through what I want to do next year and helped me organize my thoughts into a plan that I feel like I can actually execute.
— Jennifer Westbrook
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Let's design your dream life and business blueprint and start turning it into a reality!

In this 2 hour online training with Natalia Crawford you will learn how to:


  • Create a CLEAR VISION for your business and life so that you no longer feel overwhelmed, burned out or clueless on how to accomplish your dreams!

  • SET GOALS for each and every single quarter of the year so you can confidently pursue the vision you have for your life and business!

  • Set goals in all areas of your life so you have BALANCE and WHOLENESS

  • The ACTION STEPS you need to take to IMPLEMENT your vision and make your goals happen

  • How to keep yourself ACCOUNTABLE to meeting your goals in a timely manner

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INCLUDED! The Shepreneur Success Guide

  • 22 page digital/printable workbook

  • Vision board

  • Yearly Analysis

  • Quarterly Goal-Setting

  • Action & Implementation Steps

  • Yearly Goal-Setting

  • Success Tracker

  • & More!

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My biggest takeaway from this workshop was understanding how setting goals really does have an impact on creating the life I want to live.
— Theresa Chaney

You will learn how to reach your goals in the following areas:

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By the end of the workshop you will have clarity and a plan for how to live your dream life and business each and every single day!


I'm Natalia and I want to help you create your dream life and business blueprint.

As a Business & Online Marketing coach who has managed several successful businesses- including a 6-figure agency- I have years of experience launching and growing profitable online businesses that are designed around your dream life. I believe we start businesses we love to run so that we can create our ideal lifestyle while serving others. I also know first-hand that experiencing that success starts with a plan. So let's create your dream life and business plan!



Shepreneur Success Guide - Digital Goal-Setting Workbook ($400 value)

Access to the 2 hour step-by-step video training ($1,600 value)

$2,000 VALUE!

Ready to create your plan for success?



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