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Lesson Notes

In lesson 10, we’re going to dive into the 3 areas you need to master if you want to sell successfully. These areas are:




First, let’s talk about repetition. When it comes to selling successfully, repetition is key! You have to be willing to turn into a broken record and talk about your offers over and over and over again. The great thing about talking about your offers repetitively is that it will help you master how to best sell them and build your confidence. The reason why you need to talk about your offers repetitively is because people need to hear about things multiple times before they buy. Especially if it’s a big investment. On average, I recommend focusing on selling or promoting one offer for 90 days. During that 90 day period you’ll increase your sales due to the reputation of positioning your offer in front of your audience over and over again. One of the biggest mistakes I see new entrepreneurs make is that they don’t talk about their offers enough due to the mindset issues of feeling like they are being sale-sy or pushy. This is the reason why we covered mindset first and why it’s important for you to do the work to overcome those negative thoughts around selling.

Now let’s talk about rejection. In order to truly set you up for success I have to be honest with you and tell you that you will be rejected. It’s a normal part of selling. What I want you to really take away from this is that just because one person says no it doesn’t mean that everybody else will. Often times a “no” can feel really discouraging to some to the point of making them want to quit, but you can’t let one no determine the fate of your business dream. Choose to keep going in spite of rejection. Expect rejection as part of your selling process and keep moving forward even when it happens.

Finally, I want to talk about objections. This tends to be the biggest obstacle when it comes to making a sale. Here’s the thing, you have to learn how to manage objections if you want to learn how to sell successfully. Here’s how you do it:

Expect objections

First and foremost you have to expect people to have objections about your offers. Why should they buy your offer vs. someone else’s? Why is this better or the right fit for them? Why is it worth the price? Why is it worth the time? If you can prepare yourself to answer these questions and help them navigate through it you’ll break past the objection and make the sale.

2. Your objections are their objections

One of the things that I have discovered when it comes to objections is that often times the objections you receive are a reflection of your own objections. For example, if you aren’t sure that what you are offering is worth the price, then you’ll hear the money objection. If you’re feeling concerned about whether or not you have the time to take on clients right now, you’ll hear the time objection. Notice the objections that come up for you around your offers and combat them if you want to be able to combat them for your leads.

3. The objections is never the objection

I know this is a contradiction so let me explain what I mean by this. What comes up for people as their reason for not wanting to buy is usually not the real deep reason why they don’t want to buy. For example, if someone says they don’t have the money what they are really saying is that they don’t see the value and they need you to show them that. If someone says they don’t have the time they are saying that you haven’t given them a sense of urgency or shown them why this needs to be a priority in their life. It’s your job to dig into the objection to uncover what’s really going on on the inside.

As a general rule, most objections are grounded in someone not believe in themselves, not believing in you or not believing in the offer.

Ask questions, listen to their answers and respond with the solution. When you learn to master objections you’ll learn how to master the sale.


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