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Lesson Notes

Welcome to the final lesson of the academy! I can’t believe we’re already here! I’m so proud of all of the work you’ve done so far and I can’t wait to see how this program transforms your life!

In lesson 11, we’re going to be talking about sales pages that sell. I have personally found that having a solid sales page can help you make sales more easily. I’m going to give you the exact strategies that will help you sell from your sales pages.

Name of the Offer

Let’s start by talking about the name of your offer. This is the first thing that will show up on the landing page and you want it to catch people’s attention. The main thing you want to focus on when naming your offer is the type of result it will create or the type of experience your clients will have.


Now let’s talk about a tagline. I am a HUGE believer in taglines! A tagline is simply a short sentence that tells people the following things: what the offer is + who it’s for + what it does + how it does it. Plug in your information into that tagline, play with it to make it sound fun and creative and voila, you’ve got yourself a tagline.

A bold statement/question

The first thing you want to do is capture your audience by making a bold statement. You can do this by asking a question that addresses their biggest pain point right now. An example of this would be “are you tired of wondering where you’re next client is going to come from?”.

The “I get it” story

After making your bold statement, you want to let your reader know that you understand where they are coming from. You do this by sharing a few points digging further into their pain point and then telling a story of how you used to be in the same place.

The teaser/change

Now that you’ve resonated with your audience, you want to let them know that you used to be where they are but now you are somewhere different. Tell them that you used to be there and then that everything changed and how it changed. For example, saying “now I know exactly where my clients are going to come from.”

The Solution

Once you’ve shown that you were able to change your situation introduce them to the solution by introducing the name and tagline of your offer.

Next, you want to deep dive into your offer. Start by focusing on the results it produce, then dive into the how it produces those results (the methods), then what it includes (the features) and then the price. By starting with the results, methods and features you’ll show the value before sharing the price.

The Evidence

The next piece is the evidence. The evidence is simply testimonials, results and stories of people who have gone through your program. If you haven’t had anyone go through your program yet skip this part but make sure you collect testimonials from your clients to add this section as soon as possible. You can also consider running a beta version of the program or even offering it to a few people for free in exchange for a testimonial in order to build out this section and build credibility.

The Expert

Finally, you want to give one last reminder as to why you are the right person to support them. Share more about your expertise and and elaborate on the success that you have experienced with what you are going to teach them.


Finally, you’ll want to add in a frequently asked questions section so that you can answer any questions that come up. Note that this is the PERFECT place to manage objections on the landing page by turning them into questions and providing answers that help overcome them.

Follow this format to create any and all of your landing pages. If you don’t have a website yet, I recommend using this format to create a document that outlines these items for your program and sending that to people to help you make the sale until your website is ready. That means that you can start right now!


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