There’s a reason why my clients get results within 24 hours of working with me.

I’m not kidding.

My clients make sales within 3 days of this strategy session, even though all they have is an idea for a business.

They book 4-figures within a week and then get booked out within a month.

They also see growth on social media within 24 hours.

Not to mention the client that went 2 weeks straight making a sale every single day.

Or the one that sold 200 products banking $2k within 6 weeks.

I’m the QUEEN of helping my clients booking sales no matter what stage of business they are in.

I’m also the BEST coach when it comes to helping entrepreneurs who are struggling book 4-figure months and then turn them into 4-figure days.

My 5+ years in corporate marketing, my position as the owner of a creative agency serving prestigious non-profits and large corporations and my experience building 3 successful businesses makes me an expert at taking a business and an entrepreneur from zero to successful in a flash!

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Listen up buttercup!

I know you’ve been dreaming about this business for a long time. You’ve probably been stuck in inaction for a long time and you finally decided to make the leap. Maybe things didn’t go as planned and that’s okay. What matter is that you pick yourself back up and try things again. Entrepreneurship is a game of trial and error and finding what works for you. What worked for me was working with an expert who could give me clarity and strategy around the exact path I needed to follow to make my dreams happen. If you’re ready to take action that gets results I’m ready to give you the strategy to do it. I know investing in yourself is scary but the idea of failing is also scary. Let’s give you a fail-proof strategy so that you can skyrocket your business success!

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The reason why my strategies work is because they are PROVEN. I have tested a number of strategies across small and large businesses and I know what works and what doesn’t work.

The reason why my clients see results quickly is because my strategies are CUSTOMIZED. I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach which is why I work with all of my clients 1:1. I’ll create a customized strategy that works for your business, your life and your personality as an entrepreneur.

During this 90-minute strategy session we can dive into (one) of the following areas:

  • Vision to Business, I’ll help you turn your idea into a business model. You’ll brain dump and I’ll turn it into your offers and show you how to price them for profit!

  • Social Media Sales Strategy and leveraging it for sales. We’ll strategize around what platforms you should be on, your content calendar and your sales method to convert directly from social!

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Book your strategy session today and get ready to make some bank in your business!



One time payment of $625

* If you decide to book into one of my 1:1 Coaching Package within 48 hours your session fee will be credited toward your upgraded package!